2010/11 at Bless, Atelier, Paris

2008 »The Countess« (Movie), Costume: Pierre-Ives Gayraud

2007 at Storytailors, Atelier, Lisbon

Costume Designer
2010 »Herbst« (Shortmovie)

Costume Assistance
2008 »Das zweite Geschenk« (Shortmovie), Costume: Sonja Hesse

Freelance Styling
2008 Campaign for Liebscher GmbH Jena, Photographer: Marcel Köhler

2008 »Flypaper«, Halle, Photographer: Matthias Ritzmann

2010 »Nachwachsende Rohstoffe«, Photography-Production for Corbis, Halle,
Photographer: Matthias Ritzmann

Shows and Exhibitions
2006 in cooperation with the Goetheinstitut Caracas: Organisation of the Show and
Presentation of the collection »Léonce and Lena« in Caracas, Venezuela

2008 with Nora Laux:
Presentation of the experimental collection »you_are_here« at the Fashionfestival »20den«,
as well as at »StreetArtAffair«, Leipzig, Germany

2009 with Claudia Kühn:
Organisation of the Fashionshow displaying 12 german Designers at »Discouture«, Halle

2006 Moda de Extremadura, Spain, Second, collection: »Faster than his own shadow«